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“I read the entire book yesterday afternoon.  I cried.  I was humbled by the power of love in action, inspired by Hjordy and Paul’s words of strength and fortified by the courage of each voice which invites us all to be part of the fabric that weaves a better day.”
-Cheryl Rosebrook,  -Honor Roll Teacher and Teacher of Excellence, Minnesota Teacher of the Year Program, 1999& Former Executive Director, Minnesota Inclusiveness Program

“Paul and Hjordy share an honest account of real stories and inspiring perspectives of experiences encountered over a ten-year span.  This is a wonderful resource for parents, grandparents and families when they discover their loved one is gay.”
-Deb LeMay, PFLAG St. Paul/Minneapolis

 “The book Ready or Not…They’re Gay is like a PFLAG storytelling session. Narrated in the simplest of prose, this personal testimony of a Wisconsin couple tells how they react to first one and then the second of their sons telling them he is gay. The book is Quaker simple. There is little or no attempt to embellish. Paul and Hjordy Wagner, both retired public school teachers, move slowly from naiveté to anguish, insight, acceptance and, finally, celebration. This is a personal story, not a psychological treatise or political manifesto……. Thank you, Hjordy and Paul, for this moving, direct book based on your personal experiences” 
-John Boettjer, Naples, FL readyornotreviewjb.pdf
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